Hi! I’m Peter Moore, a digital learning designer, developer, and the owner of Bluebolt Studio Ltd.

Creating great learning experiences motivates me.
It's what gets me started in the morning and keeps me going. When I see the work I've done help someone learn, and start making positive changes to the way they do things, that is my reward.

Check out my work and introduce yourself, it costs nothing to talk and just might be the start of something good.


my work

Course Design

Great learning interventions don't just happen, they are designed to be great!  I start at the top to identify business goals and follow through by developing actionable, relevant learning objectives for those doing the learning.  After that...

Safety and Induction Training

I could have made a movie that simply  told the trainees what personal protective equipment to wear,  but most people learn best by 'doing' and that's why I built it like this.

Industrial Engineer
Line Management Skills

This design placed newly appointed managers into several virtual scenarios, where they practiced making decisions involving conflicting priorities.

industry worker
Better Job Performance

Delivering interventions that support job performance is something that's frequently either 'left off the menu' or simply expected to be done by the 'team'.  Maybe this contributes to why many businesses achieve an 'average' performance over time?

Operations Training

I like building operations training courses. They deliver a rapid boost to skills and performance when designed right, and especially when the trainee can go back to the workplace and practice what they've been learning.

Compliance Training

Many job roles have operating procedures to follow along with rules and standards to comply with. Digital learning can establish a shared and consistent base capability for trainees as they build their skills with further workplace learning, coaching and performance support.